Steve Jobs had a great approach to recruiting. He believed success in a company was derived from those within a team who were passionate, knowledgeable, hardworking but not necessarily experienced professionals.

Steve Jobs was right to adopt this approach. I know from previous hiring that some of the most successful team players and individuals I have managed have been those who all had one thing in common: they were passionate. Whether we like it or not, passion is not something that we can instil or work on. It is either there or not, it’s really that simple - it’s not a choice. I have been passionate about every brand I have worked with, whether it was transforming a business by pulling it out of a deficit or working in a team to reach a common goal with a project. If you think about people you have worked with, who are those that are the most successful in their jobs? The ones that are passionate, the ones who really love what they do – doing a job isn’t just about being ‘qualified’ and Steve Jobs was right with this theory - it’s more than that, it’s about being the right person for the company’s culture who will breathe that passion into the business and excel with its vision.