As scary as spiders? More feared than death? Well, research suggests that the fear of public speaking ‘glossophobia’ does in fact rank within the same fear categories as both spiders and death. It doesn’t surprise me, because this is something I have experienced throughout both my academic and to some extent in my working life, so I can relate to anyone who has like me avoided being in the public spotlight through fear itself. However, public speaking is often seen as a vital part within most leadership roles.

When we consider how we view leaders, this is hardly surprising. Confidence in leaders derives from a leader who can install and deliver belief in their organization. Therefore, a leader who can confidently deliver a message will have more chance of winning over not only their teams, but new business opportunities and a belief in their vision and strategies. Therefore, the skill in public speaking is something all leaders should embrace in order to gain greater respect and authority and in addition, a greater chance of excelling in their careers. This article touches on some interesting strategies on how leaders can develop a confident & successful delivery in public speaking