In my role, I speak to many executives who are frustrated by the lack of incoming calls from executive recruiters. Some believe that success in a career – and in business generally – is down to “who you know”.

Here’s a great example of how people can create success for themselves. In this article Mary Lee Gannon, CEO of a $24 million healthcare foundation and a certified executive coach, has provided insight into her own success and I must say, it's comforting to know that there's more to it. 

Having an open mind, being prepared, using positive self-talk, and being more memorable and adaptable, are a few of the tips given. Don't discredit yourself by diminishing your value. Positive thinking goes a long way. Seek good attention and leave a lasting impression. When you're adaptable, you display your willingness to learn and grow.

These simple tips can carry so much weight, not only in professional growth, but also in our personal growth. In terms of your career growth – a good first step to understanding why recruiters may not be calling is joining one of our upcoming – “Executive Careers – Understanding Executive Search” webinars.  They’re free and are receiving rave reviews over on Trustpilot!