Something I touched on earlier this year was the importance of preparation.  I speak to many executives who find themselves in a career change process without having planned for it – either because a recruiter has approached them out of the blue with a “dream opportunity” or because an unexpected strategic development has happened with the current employer.

In order to accomplish a successful career change, it’s important that an executive is ready for the situation when it arises. This article provides a very good overview of how a lack of preparation can adversely impact the chances of a successful outcome.

At GatedTalent, we recently did a webinar on Executive Interviews with Executive Career Coach, Tim Windhof, which highlighted some of the points raised within this piece. I would recommend executives considering career strategy to have a read, as it gives useful understanding on how preparation is vital in the interviewing stages. With that said, this article also covers the misconception of how executive recruiting works, the key takeaway here is whether you are actively looking or not, the executive search process is not an overnight transformation. With fierce competition in the C- Suite, it requires investment and patience, alongside a willingness to accept that preparation is a vital aspect in the search process.