As we approach the start of a New Year, I find myself reflecting over the past year and almost this sense of urgency to start the next year better ‘prepared’. We are all fundamentally guilty of perhaps not taking enough time, or making the time to achieve the ‘goals’ we set ourselves.

When I read this article this morning, I couldn’t help but feel the writer hit the nail on the head. How many times have we sat there and said "I need to make sure next year/ next month/ next week I do X Y Z"? I myself know I have done this multiple times, within my career and personal life. Being better prepared and taking action now rather than putting back our goals means we are in control - and on the road to gaining a closer reach of accomplishment than we would have done had we decided to leave it until "next week, next month or next year!"

The key I have learnt is to be prepared. I often speak to executives who tell me they are happy and not "actively" seeking employment. I am happy to hear this, but I am also aware of the very importance of staying "on the radar". 

So, what better way to start 2019 than to take some time now on deciding what is it we want to achieve? In the busy world we live in today, we should still be somewhat realistic on how we can achieve this! Small steps can make big changes, and there is a lot of truth that by being in control - and taking control of the things we can around us - we will ultimately lessen the need for procrastination. 

So, here are my goals for 2019: within my career and working life, I will start work on my resume before the start of 2019. Not because I am leaving my job, but because I want to be in control and invest more time and effort into my own personal branding! Within my personal life, I want to start running again - something I have always enjoyed as a de-stress mechanism, and also because of the sense of achievement it gives me. I hope by sharing this article with you, you can see (just as I did!) that there is no need to put off what we can do today, when in fact it can and will benefit us fundamentally in the long term.