GatedTalent, the platform allowing executive recruiters to engage with senior-level executives, has achieved yet another significant milestone.

Approximately 7,000 new members joined the platform in October, an increase of more than 30% on September signups. September – which had previously been the best month for the service – was itself a 30% increase on August. 

Commenting on progress at GatedTalent, Jason Starr, Chief Executive of Dillistone Group Plc, the parent of GatedTalent, said:

"The GatedTalent database of executive talent is now significantly larger than the in-house databases of the majority of boutique executive recruitment firms. If we sustain the current momentum it has every prospect of reaching a size unmatched by all but the largest search firms.

"Furthermore, our platform stores up-to-date information on senior-level executives from more than 100 countries and, in many cases, contains information that is simply not available elsewhere. It is clear that the value of our platform to executive recruiter clients is growing, which should lead to an acceleration of the adoption of the GatedTalent product and it should also be increasingly impactful on sales of our core executive search product, FileFinder."