A frightening story from the Sydney Morning Herald. A senior executive with a major Australian business had her resume circulated by headhunters, apparently without her permission. The result? Rumours that she's looking for a new role.

There are two types of Executive Recruiter. Client led, and candidate led. A client led recruiter works for a specific client to complete a specific search - typically on an exclusive retainer. He or she would have no interest in circulating random resumes in the hope of generating a fee. I suspect that the Australian recruiter circulating the resume had a very different business model.

At GatedTalent, clients are very much of the first type - I wouldn't expect any of them to behave in the manner described here.  

That said, we've baked privacy into our entire platform - if executives create a profile in GatedTalent, they can anonymize it - hide their name; hide their contact details; even mask their employment details, if they wish. It allows executives to be found but ensures that they have control of their information. It's also 100% free!