Interesting advice in Kellogg Insight for executives looking to ensure that they are “on the radar” for future opportunities. One comment is to connect with multiple executive recruiters.

This is smart advice in the sense that more senior level positions are filled by a retained recruiter on an exclusive basis - if you don't know the right headhunter you will not be considered.

However, how many executives have time for this? And, in reality, how many executive recruiters want to receive speculative resumes, most of which will not be a good fit for a current opportunity?

That's where GatedTalent comes in. Simplistically, it allows an executive to share career background and aspirations with multiple executives while maintaining privacy. It allows recruiters to access detailed information on a wider pool of executives.

Simplicity, it's great for executives who wish to follow the advice offered but are time scarce (which, I suspect, is pretty much all of them!)