Labelled as a possible success driver behind entrepreneurship in Forbes, Adult Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) certainly didn’t stop Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Peter Shankman or IKEA founder and chairman Ingvar Kamprad becoming successful entrepreneurs.

What promoted me to write a brief topic on this, was the fact I have ADHD, and just like the entrepreneurs I mentioned above, I too am very open about it. My self-discovery of ADHD was when I was studying my second degree at the University of Law in London. I remember very vividly sitting on the train on my daily commute and reading an article about a woman who had been diagnosed with ADHD in adulthood, all I can say was at the end of reading that article I knew that woman could have been me! Shortly after this I was officially diagnosed with ADHD in 2012 and in many ways, this was a point for me of true liberation, I was learning fundamentally who ‘I’ was.

I often have a phrase ‘ADHD is debilitating but at the same time can be exhilarating’, although I am not an entrepreneurial myself (I hope to be one day!) and have never been in Senior Management, I guess I am inspired and motivated by the entrepreneurs who speak so openly about ADHD and the fact that they use this as a superpower for success.

I would like to share an Article written in Forbes by Melody Wilding which gives further insight to how ADHD can be a successful advantage in entrepreneurship.