People outside the Search industry typically assume that executive recruiters focus primarily on the C-Suite of major global organizations. That's not always the case - many of our clients work in either "Not For Profit" or Academia.

This highly detailed piece from SPLC looks at the Academic sector in particular - a huge growth market - and asks why so many searches are done under a cover of secrecy. Although the article is focused on projects associated with Universities and Colleges, many of the points raised are applicable in wider sectors.

Confidentiality of Searches is another reason why it's so important that executives ensure that they can be found. Senior level positions and rarely advertised and so you are dependent on being on the radar of the recruiter. It's not enough just to have a LinkedIn Profile - this article explains why - and there's no better way of getting on the radar of our 200+ search firm clients than creating a free profile on GatedTalent!