Changing companies can often be a complex process at best. For a Management Consultant moving from one firm to a competitor, the process can be fraught with difficulties. Recent court cases have seen AlixPartners up against McKinsey and Roland Berger taking on Boston Consulting, reflecting the difficulty in defining where the IP of a company ends and the knowledge and experience of the consultant begins.

But that doesn't stop it from happening. According to a survey by, 26% of respondents were actively seeking new roles, with around a third looking to stay in Consulting.

This piece in Consultancy.EU looks in some depth into how and why consultants jump ship and is an interesting read both for those in the industry already and those thinking about joining it from outside.

Given all complexity, it's perhaps surprising that "Management Consulting" is one of the most common industries for GatedTalent's executive membership - it's currently in the top 5 sectors - and - perhaps less surprisingly, we have a host of Search firms who operate in this sector.