An interesting piece from Dr. Dawn Graham of The Wharton School, explaining how an executive can go about making a career change. She makes the often misunderstood point that executive recruiters work for the client rather than the candidate - and explains the ramifications of this for individuals wishing to change careers.

Dr. Graham goes on to provide advice on steps than an executive should be taking. One thing that I'd recommend (yes, I always recommend this because, yes, I'm biased!) is creating a (free!) profile on GatedTalent

LinkedIn is a terrific tool for candidates, but it basically allows recruiters to look at what you've done. There's nothing forward looking - no aspirational data or anything of that sort. GatedTalent allows you to share far more information and to do so in an entirely private manner - your private information will only be available to the recruiters you trust.

If you find Dr Graham's article interesting, here's something I wrote on a similar topic - What you believe about Executive Search is wrong - Enjoy!