The ICO – the authority responsible for policing the GDPR in the United Kingdom – has today issued updated guidance which will be relevant to the thousands of executive search firms currently legitimising legacy data. With two weeks to go before the GDPR is officially enforced, some would suggest that the timing is not ideal… But, it’s better than nothing!

Nothing much has changed… Although we were delighted to see this point emphasised: “It is good practice to provide preference-management tools like privacy dashboards to allow people to easily access and update their consent settings.”

The good news is that the concept of an online dashboard has been inherent to the design of GatedTalent from day 1. Our clients will be managing Consent (and Legitimate Interest) in line with best practice. Is your vendor of choice? If you aren’t yet signed up for GatedTalent, it’s not too late to join the 170+ Search firms who have subscribed to our service since October. Contact us!