Interesting piece in Computer Weekly about why organisations might actually want to go beyond the rules of the GDPR and how this might lead to competitive advantage.

Interviewed, Phil Lam puts forward a world in which the banking industry might give individuals the ability to store financial data in a third party platform which may then - based on the decisions of the individual - be shared with specific banks.

Philip proposes similar models for other sectors - executive search is not mentioned - but his concept is identical to that which we are proposing via GatedTalent.  This is a platform in which executives may create and manage profiles - similar to LinkedIn but with more detailed information - which is private by default but may be shared with trusted executive recruiters.  

We revealed the product a month or so ago and announced to the stock market last week that we'd already signed up search firms from multiple countries - and not just in Europe.  We believe it is a concept that has legs - one that benefits the executive and the search firms that participate.